Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eggs of all shapes and sizes

My son came running in this morning declaring 'one of the girls laid an enormous egg!' He was right.  I am thinking it was one of the twins. They have just started to lay and this is very common in young pullets. Looking at this egg sitting on my counter , along with all the other eggs, brought a smile to my face every time I walked past.  Not only because it stood up so much higher then all the others, but because it reminded me of what a gift these chickens give us every day.  I know they are doing want they do and what they do is lay eggs, but they allow me to witness this miracle  every day. So wether it's Bamboo with her beautiful blue eggs, Tuttie with her odd shaped brown spotted eggs, or Zelda's light brown perfect eggs, they are all gifts and all cherished for the short time they sit on my counter.
If you are wondering, that enormous egg was of course a double yolk egg. Two perfect large yolks.

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