Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Everything Happens for a Reason

This weekend met us with warmer temperatures and very heavy rain.  Read- torrential rain.  The coop stays very dry given it was built in the early 1900's.  It was built as a horse stable and the inside floor was dirt. When we moved into the house we used it as a shed and built a wood floor on top of the dirt floor, almost like a pressure treated deck inside the building.  This was a less expensive alternative to having someone pour a concrete floor and we could do it ourselves.  Fast forward to today when we are using this 'shed' as a chicken coop, something I never even imagined we would do when we built that floor. Under that floor is still that dirt and when we get rain like we did this weekend, and the rain can't seep into the ground because it is frozen from last weeks negative temperatures, the dirt gets wet which makes the wood get wet which makes the pine shavings wet. So now I have wet pine shavings.  I knew I would have to clean out the coop today and that was my plan.  So I jump into my car and set out for the trek out to the feed store, 40 minutes away.  I don't hate many things but driving 40 minutes out to the feed store is one thing that I hate. 40 minutes there, 40 back, way to much time.

So let's fast forward again, past that wretched drive, to when I am walking into the feed store and hearing the nice gentleman behind the counter telling the nice lady in front of the counter that they are out of pine shavings. Out of pine shavings? How can that be? I thought I was just thinking this but apparently I was saying it because the nice gentleman behind the counter was apologizing to me but I wasn't listening, my mind was thinking about all the time I wasted and all the chores I could have been doing and the wet pine shavings that still filled my coop! They will get more Wednesday was that last thing I heard as I stormed out the door.

So let's fast forward again, past that wretched drive back home, to me walking in the door and vowing never to go to that the feed store again, and me determined to find another.  A Google search turned up one in a nearby town, much closer then the one I was just at.  Now I know what your thinking. Why was I traveling that 40 minute wretched drive to a feed store when there was one in my own backyard? Not sure. Not. Sure.

So I have a new feed store. They sell everything I need including organic layer feed, oyster shell, poultry grit....I am giddy. The nice gentleman that I encountered at this feed store must have thought I was crazy how giddy I was.  And you know what? They also sell baby chicks and are getting some in really soon.  Giddy.
Our Flock when they were chicks

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