Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sweet, sweet, Sky

If you look at the camera roll on my phone you will notice that the majority of the photos are of Sky. She is a Blue Orpington and in the Orpington fashion has a calm, sweet, cuddly personality. She and her sister Thea, also a blue Orpington, we're a splurge for me, costing $18 each, and I almost cancelled the order many times.

She arrived as cute as the rest but was different right from the start. She would jump up on us and sit and take a nap in our laps. This she does to this day. When I approach the run, I meet her eyes scanning to get to the front and as soon as I sit down she frantically looks for ways she is going to get in my lap. Once there she settles in, closes her eyes and sleeps. Almost saying, 'Ok, now I can rest'.


She is at the bottom of the pecking order. I have never seen her peck at the other hens, but she does get pecked at. She doesn't run or even complain, she just lowers her head in compliance and moves over. She is not bothered by it and the other hens, for the most part, don't mess with her. I think they know she is kind and not a threat.


She is a big girl! Most Orpingtons are large and she is no exception. She has a big fluff of downy feathers puffing out from under her wings. As for laying eggs....I have never caught her in the nesting boxes, and while the rest of the flock are clearly laying and I see them in and out of the nesting boxes all day long, I am not sure what's up with her. When she sits on my lap looking up at me I ask her if she laid an egg today but she never tells. She just looks back at me with those big black eyes as if to say ' just sit here a while so I can enjoy your company and dream.'


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